The Future of TV

Out of all of the future technologies that are developing here, TV is what I get most excited about. TV broadcasting has been controlled by a small few, but distribution and platform opportunities are about to become wide open. Here are my predictions around the future of the TV:

  • Customized experiences through apps – Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a few months back that “the future of TV is apps” and I agree. Apps are the future and they will transform the TV experience from a content consuming platform to an interactive experience. While watching Sports we will be able to customize our viewing to include the stats we want to see and the camera angles we want to focus on. The future is wide open when it comes to development around the TV. This goes for church, talk shows, or any other broadcasts that we might want to watch.
  • Shopping and Transactions – since our TV is now essentially a computer with a larger screen we can interact with it. That means when we see something on a commercial we can buy it right then. That also means that we can make donations right through out TV as well to a ministry or nonprofit. This is a powerful shift in the way we interact with TV broadcasts.
  • Virtual Reality – not only will the things we can do with TVs look much different, but I believe the devices themselves will be much different with the growth around Virtual Reality and 360 video. I see much of our TV watching in the future being consumed with a headset rather than a large rectangular device in our living room.
  • Dual-Screen Experiences – I believe that our phones will become more and more of an interactive device with our Televisions. So, we will use the phone like a remote to get to the right broadcast, but also use the phone as the interacting device to choose our settings, interact with other viewers, make purchases, etc.

What does all this mean for ministries? Well, you can now engage an audience through their TV without expensive equipment or negotiating with broadcast channels. Your ministry will be able to create an app that anyone anywhere can engage with the content you create on their TV as well as interact and even donate right there through their TV. The future is bright and the ministry possibilities are endless!

If you are interested in learning more about how your church or ministry can get a TV App simply go to TVApp.Church.