The Power of Facebook

A good friend printed this for me in poster size and dropped it off in my office the other day.  I immediately hung it on my wall putting it above the map in my office highlighting what regions we are impacting the most through CBC Online.  This map highlights the heaviest areas of traffic for Facebook and the interactions made on Facebook with other regions.  I had an idea of what this might look like, but to see it in this format is amazing and overwhelming.

It's wild to think that an idea (Facebook) formulated in a college dorm room has impacted literally the ends of the earth in less than 7 years.  As we consider methods for sharing the gospel, can you imagine a better resource?  Facebook is about relationships and so is the gospel.  Facebook is touching the ends of the earth and so are we called to take the gospel to all regions.

So why isn't everyone using this incredible resource?  I heard a statistic this week that only 50% of churches utilize Facebook in any way.  I also heard a statistic that 95% of Americans age 20-30 are active users of Facebook and the largest growing demographic are adults between 60-75 years old.  So why isn't everyone using Facebook again?

I will have many posts ahead on how I have utilized Facebook in ministry, but don't wait for someone to tell you how.  Facebook is really so new that there isn't necessarily a right or wrong, but I can't encourage you enough to get to know Facebook and start interacting.  Trust me, it's worth it!