Utilizing a Facebook Group

In my opinion Facebook Group’s are one of the most underutilized functions of Facebook when it comes to churches.  Ministries leaders are doing a good job using Facebook personally through their Personal Profile.  They are beginning to see the value of their Facebook Page and creating good content for it, but Groups are foreign to most.  

At the core of the church is community and community happens most effectively in Groups.  These groups range from small group Bible studies to Sunday School classes to ministry teams and prayer groups.  All of these Groups that function within your church can utilize this incredible tool that Facebook has created in Groups.  

Here are some of the core features that make Facebook Groups a great tool:

  • Privacy - there are many options when it comes to privacy for Groups to be Public (Open), Private (people can see what the exist, but not what happens inside), or Secret (only people who are invited to join can see that it even exists).  

  • Notifications - this is one of the biggest features as most people receive a notification when a group admin adds a new post to the Group.  

  • Flexibility - there are many more options in a Group when it comes to who can post and various controls than on a page.  You can set the Group to where only the admin can post and everyone can comment or where anyone can post and comment on posts.  

With the simplicity of setup a Facebook Group should take you less than 10 minutes to setup and can provide incredible community and interaction throughout the week.  I am hearing of Sunday School classes whose community has been deepened because they are sharing prayer requests throughout the week as well as job and family highlights and furthering the dialogue from their various class topics.  So that when they are together the next week it’s as if the class never even stopped as it carried on all the way until the next class or gathering took place.  Facebook Groups are not a way to get rid of your face to face groups, but a great way to enhance them significantly!