What Can Your TV Do For You?

I have been dreaming about Apple TV for years! To this point I’ve been frustrated that Apple has only made it a “hobby” and the best options available are Roku and Amazon Fire TV. These platforms really leaned toward streaming video, which has been good, but really limits the opportunity around connecting a computer to your TV. 

In my opinion what makes this technology exciting is not the ability to stream video content to a TV, but the experiences we are now able to create. Think about it, you can create anything to go on a TV screen and people can interact with whatever that is. For instance, when watching a Baseball game I could choose to have 3 different camera views available and my team’s stats on the top of the screen and a news ticker from another source in the corner of the screen. 

I will be able to create my own customized experience based on the creativity of the app developers and content creators to what customizations they will make available. The sky is available. 

I believe in the next couple of years my wife and I will be able to watch 2 different shows on the same TV at the same time and listen through our Bluetooth headphones connected to our smart phones that will all work together seamlessly and in a very customizable way. Doesn’t cable tv already sound so boring and outdated? 

 What does this mean for the church? It means we have the opportunity to engage people in a new and unique way like we never have before. Viewers can watch a worship service while engaging in a live chat on their screen and a Bible application on the side. They will also be able to communicate a decision to follow Christ or simply click a button to easily make a donation. 

We are entering into a whole new world with limitless new possibilities! How do you plan to minister to people through their TVs?