Who Should Lead Your Online Campus

As a Consultant one of the first questions I like to ask a church wanting to launch their Online Campus is: who will lead it? 

Most often churches tell me that they have this great kid that will be perfect to lead the Online Campus. They go on to tell me how good he is with technology. Honestly, this is a red flag for me as being tech savvy is only a small part of the job duties. Techies too often want to play with the technology and not focus on the ministry. An Online Campus is 5% Technology and 95% Ministry.

Here are four key traits that I would look for when you decide who will lead your Online Campus:

  1. Spiritually Mature - if they couldn’t lead a physical campus at your church they shouldn’t be leading your digital campus.  They must be able to build teams, create systems and spiritually respond to the needs of your Online Congregation.

  2. Flexible Learner - the technology that runs an Online Campus is really not that complicated, but it is often changing. Finding a flexible learner who is willing to learn and adjust on the go is the key to success with these new technologies.

  3. Visionary Thinker - online ministry has changed tremendously over the past 5 years and will continue to. The leader of your Online Campus must have a vision for where this campus will go and be able to cast that vision to both the leadership of your physical campus and the growing Online Campus.  

  4. Team Builder - I think this goes for pretty much any ministry leader who is going to grow a ministry, but it can’t be left out on this one. Being able to recruit, train and empower leaders is critical to growing your Online Campus both long term and short term.  

I hope this list helps as you consider who might lead your church’s online campus. If you see any characteristics that I might have left out please comment and share your thoughts.