church technology guide

There is a way to save your church time and money by using practical solutions for technology combined with done-for-you-resources so that focus can be on ministry while allowing technology to enhance it. In these courses you'll learn how to do just that.


You have probably heard that social media can help grow your business or organization, but you probably have no idea where and how to begin. In these courses, you'll learn how to amplify your message efficiently and effectively through social media.

social media guide for ministry

This compact guide helps social media become more manageable for ministries. In reading this book you will learn: what the most popular social media platforms are, how to utilize these platforms, and the difference social media can make in your ministry.

online church leaders 



Churches want to reach more people for Christ and technology provides us new opportunities to do this. Online Church Leaders exists to help churches reach more people. We provide a free training guide to help you launch an online church platform

Learn how to maximize social media for your ministry! Through video courses we will give you great practical resources to help you understand social media and how to use it most efficiently and effectively to accomplish your ministry goals.