Google for NonProfits

I love Google products and believe they can be a great asset to every ministry!

So maybe Google + hasn’t worked out as planned, but that doesn’t mean that Google hasn’t developed other products that can greatly benefit your ministry.   Whether it’s as basic as GMail or Google search or maybe more complex like Google Analytics or Google Alerts.  In the coming weeks I will be highlighting several Google products that we use on a regular basis with CBC Online.

The biggest resource that seems to have somehow flown under the radar is Google for NonProfits.  Originally this program was closed to religious organizations, but recently Google opened it up to all NonProfits (including churches).  There are many benefits to this program, but the big appeal is that they give you $10,000/month in free Adwords credits.

Yes, that is $10,000/month or $120,000/year in FREE advertising with Google!

Some other benefits include a customizable YouTube channel (with Live Streaming), a 40% discount on Google Apps for Business, and Google Earth Outreach.

Does it seem too good to be true?  It’s not.  I’m using both the YouTube channel and Adwords accounts at no cost yet seeing great ministry impact every day!  Apply now and start taking advantage of this incredible opportunity that Google has made available to your ministry or nonprofit.

One last thing to throw in.  If you use the alloted $10,000/month effectively you can apply to become a GrantsPro user and Google will up your budget to $48,000/month.  That is half of a million dollars a year in FREE advertising!  Could that help your ministry or church?

I would love to hear comments from anyone already taking advantage of this program and what your experience has been or any questions that you might have regarding this program.  If anyone has any reasons not to use this program I would love to hear your thoughts as well.

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One thought on “Google for NonProfits

  1. Wonderful stuff for non-profits but now without issues or cautions.

    I have walked several orgs through the process as a part of my consulting practice and it has been great to see more good orgs empowered to share their story across the web with the Adwords Grant. It is tricky though sometimes. Google even says it can take dozens of hours to do the whole application. I had one org that has been rejected 4 times over 1 year because of technicalities each time before they hired me. And we got them through in 2 1/2 weeks.

    Right now I am flipping one organization over for the grant’s enterprise email platform. Again, Google doesn’t make it easy sometimes because they actually delete all current G apps accounts except for 10 and then you supposedly trigger a “restore” of the old deleted accounts the next day to the google grant version of the email accounts. Who trusts Google that all those email accounts will definitely be restored as promised? So we are going through a protocol to back up all email, docs, picasa photos, etc associated with a Google apps acct before doing the mass deletion and transition. They need to fix that process for sure.

    But once you get it all done, it is quite lovely.