Introducing the Coming to New York City Podcast

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5 Years ago Katie and I made the decision to sell our 2 story custom built house on a cul-de-sac (our forever home… I thought), our cars and pretty much everything we owned to move our family of 4 to New York City. This was never a part of my 20 year plan and as we flesh out on the podcast, we really didn’t have a plan. We share the raw story of why we moved to The Big Apple and everything we have experienced along the way.

The idea for this podcast came out of our desire to document our adventure for friends and family and has been so fun to see how many more people have been interested in our journey. I would love for you to check out the podcast and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts as we upload a new episode every week. We’re very excited about some upcoming episodes as we begin to introduce some new friends in NYC (hint: follow @comingtonyc on Instagram).

My New MPOW H5 Bluetooth Headphones

Over the years I have tried using several types of headphones for different purposes. When it comes to headphones there are many considerations–comfort, battery life, sound quality, price, and more. In this episode, I’m talking about the MPOW H5 Bluetooth Headphones I recently received, and what I like and don’t like about them.

LinkedIn’s Newest Game-Changing Feature

LinkedIn is the social network I’m most focused on in 2019! On my channel, I’ve talked a lot about optimizing LinkedIn, its premium features, and doubling down on video content. Now, there’s a new Linkedin feature that not only helps you professionally, but also makes you stand out in a very personal way. Check it out!

My 9-Year Old Created a YouTube Channel and So Can You

Like most kids, my daughter enjoys watching videos on YouTube. For her 9th birthday, my wife and I allowed her to create her own channel. This episode of the vlog is not about whether a 9-year old should have a YouTube channel, but rather the creative process she undergoes from conceptualizing her own videos, the filming equipment she uses, the editing process, how she uploads the videos and more. If a 9 year old can do it, so can you! Check this out this episode of the vlog!