Getting Smart with Passwords on Social Media: 5 Tips on What Not To Do

Have you ever been hacked? I experienced it three years ago and it was a total nightmare! Before it happens or if it has already happened to you, learn from some of my mistakes. In this vlog I share some practical tips on how to be smart in securing the passwords of your different social media accounts and web properties.

The Most Important Messenger Bot Feature

Bots are all the talk around of Facebook when it comes to engaging with people most directly. While bots can do a variety of things, in this video, I share with you what I believe to be the most undervalued but the most powerful feature of Messenger bots which we should start paying more attention to.

How to Grow an Audience on Your TV Apps

When it comes to TV Apps, there is a common misunderstanding that an audience instantaneously comes to any channel. Though it’s not as simple as that, a strong audience can be built and engaged through your TV Apps. In this video, I share 3 ways to grow an audience on your TV app.